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Fair efficient
and innovative resolution of business disputes


Ramos & Artal LLC is an alternative dispute resolution firm based in New York City dedicated to the fair, efficient and innovative resolution of international business disputes. The firm was founded by Judge Charles E. Ramos, the recently retired senior judge of the Commercial Division in the New York Supreme Court, largely recognized as the leading commercial court in the world, and Orna Artal, Esq., his long-time principal law clerk. We both have a unique understanding of the complexities of business disputes and the impact of rising costs and uncertainties of traditional litigation. Our mission is to confront these challenges outside of the courtroom by combining our legal expertise, high professional and ethical standards, responsiveness, and attention to cost-efficiency in order to achieve fair settlements and awards.
We are practitioners available to serve as neutrals to resolve business disputes in a variety of capacities including as arbitrators, mediators, neutral evaluators, discovery referees, special masters, deal facilitators and settlement implementers.

Our Expertise

The founders of Ramos & Artal LLC are renowned for their command of and experience with commercial law, dispute resolution and effective case management. During Hon. Ramos’ (Ret.) thirty-five years as a judge, he presided over bench and jury trials, decided close to 30,000 motions, disposed of 14,000 matters including 10,000 commercial cases, and all international arbitration matters filed
in the State of New York since 2014. Orna Artal, Esq. has extensive experience managing, analyzing, adjudicating and resolving complex commercial matters.

In The News

Hon. Charles E. Ramos

Judge Ramos has extensive experience in numerous areas of commercial law and international arbitration. He is dedicated to mediation and arbitration of complex business disputes

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