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A Fond Farewell to Two of the Commercial Division’s Most Senior Judges

The arrival of the new year is a bittersweet time for the Commercial Division as it bids farewell to two of its most senior judges: Justice Charles E. Ramos and Justice Eileen Bransten.  Notably, both will be staying on to serve the Court as Judicial Hearing Officers.

Both Justice Ramos and Justice Bransten had illustrious judicial careers that began similarly.  After graduating from Fordham Law School, they both spent time in private practice before pursuing judicial careers first as Civil Court Judges.  Thereafter, both were elected to the Supreme Court and then assigned to the Commercial Division.

Together their combined service on the Commercial Division bench exceeds 30 years.  During that time, they wrestled with complex legal issues and issued innovative decisions that helped shape New York commercial law.  They also both contributed significantly to the way in which practice is handled in the Division, including through their service on the Commercial Division Advisory Council.  Below are short biographies with a sampling of a few of their decisions.